Leather suites, chairs & sofas cleaned

Cleaning leather is a specialist skill, requiring specific knowledge, skills and techniques. We can clean and protect your leather furniture restoring it's natural beauty and extending it's lifespan.

We use a five stage process to clean leather:

  1. The dirt if gently removed
  2. Leather is nourished restoring the natural oils that are lost over time
  3. A protector is applied
  4. Infused with leather sent to give it a pristine finish
  5. A final shine is applied to give it a show room finish

See our leather cleaning faqs section or book an appointment with our leather cleaner 01287 348548.

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Leather cleaning prices

If you book multiple cleaning services for the same visit we are sometimes able to offer you a discount, call 01287 348548 for details.

  • ItemCost
  • Leather Chairs & Sofas£25.00 per seat
  • Minimum booking cost£50.00