Fabric Chairs & Sofas

Cleaning fabric sofas, suites and upholstery requires more care than cleaning a carpet, our cleaners are trained to recognise potential problems and use specialist equipment, techniques and products to ensure that your furniture is cleaned to the highest standard.

We have the expertise to inspect your fabric for, and guard against potential problems such as cushion shrinkage, skirt shrinkage and corner curl, texture damage to velvets and colour problems such as fading and dye bleeding.

We can clean...

Haitian cotton, cotton prints, wool, velvets, reverse weave or jacquards, linen, nylon, rayon, acrylic, polyester and more.

Watch out for...

Some fabrics require the use of specialist shampoos and techniques designed specifically for that fabric!

Beware of unbelievably low price advertisements by other cleaners. Improper cleaning can do irreparable damage to fabrics.

Proper and thorough cleaning of upholstery requires more time, special products and drying methods than carpet. Since we don't take your furniture out to clean, it will be dry and ready for use by the time we leave your home! See our fabric cleaning faqs section or book an appointment with our fabric cleaner 01287 348548.

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Fabric cleaning prices

If you book multiple cleaning services for the same visit we are sometimes able to offer you a discount, call 01287 348548 for details.

  • ItemCost
  • Fabric Chairs & Sofas£25.00 per seat
  • Minimum booking cost£50.00
Carpet and sofa cleaner

Carpet and armchairs cleaned and dried.